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Immune & Beauty Support Package



Combination of Glutatonic Spray, ImmunePlex, and Bi-ProZyme

Glutatonic Spray:

Glutathione, Inositol, and Nicotinamide play key roles in cellular metabolism which can dramatically raise energy levels, strengthen the immune system, improve athletic performance, detoxify the body, aid in cellular repair and even slow down the aging process.

Nicotinamide (NAM) is a precursor to NAD+

Each 12 Sprays Contains:
Glutathione 100 mg, Inositol 100 mg, and Nicotinamide 50 mg Glutathione NAD Spray

Size: 2 oz.


  • For Daily Immune Support
  • An Antioxidant Formulation

Immuneplex™ is a unique formulation developed for the purpose of aiding the immune system to achieve optimum functioning.

Ingredients: Each two tablets contain – Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) 25,000 IU, Vitamin C 1000 mg, Vitamin E (Succinate) 100 IU, B-6 (pyridoxine HCL) 10 mg, Copper (Gluconate) 0.5 mg, Lemon Bioflavanoids 200 mg, Magnesium Carbonate 40 mg, Selenium (Yeast) 100 mcg, Zinc (Sulfate) 100 mg, Garlic (Deodorized) 150 mg. Formula is further enhanced in a base of Pycnogenols, Marine Lipids, Q10, and Trace Minerals.

Quantity: 60 tablets


Designed to safely bypass the harsh environments of your stomach and deliver the potent formulation to your intestines where your body needs it most.

Bi-ProZyme™ is a unique combination of the superior, room temperature probiotic, LactoSpore®, a digestive enzyme blend (DigeZyme®) and ginger root extract.

Ingredients: Each veggie capsule contains – LactoSpore® – 67 mg (approx. 1 Billion spores per capsule) and DigeZyme® (a proprietary blend of Amylase, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase, and Neutral Protease) – 50 mg, Ginger Root Extract (20% gingerols) – 10 mg

Quantity: 60 capsules