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Can Facials Cure Your Anxiety?


By: Lezlie McEachern BSN, RN 

Stress is a condition of mental or physical strain. Stress or anxiety can be a normal reaction to situations in life, but it becomes a problem when it is constant. This can harm your health and affect every aspect of your life. Researchers are constantly on the hunt to figure out how to combat anxiety. It is something everyone experiences. Facials are becoming an interesting topic of conversation when discussing relieving stress because there are so many added benefits.

A facial is often used to provide cosmetic benefits. But what if it helps you not only physically but also psychologically? When you get a facial, you take time away, focus on yourself, and get pampered. Here are the ways facials can help treat your anxiety.

Parasympathetic nervous system activation

Your parasympathetic nervous system is a group of nerves that helps restore the body after a stressful period. It works by slowing your heart rate, breathing and lowers blood pressure. Getting a facial massage triggers the parasympathetic nervous system to tell the body you can relax now. As you get a facial, your breathing starts to slow, and your heart rate decreases, keeping you calm.

Muscle tension relaxation

Anxiety can manifest in many ways. Anxiety or stress in the body leads to muscles contracting, causing tension. If tension continues for a long time, it can turn into pain. When you are getting a facial, the facialist is working the muscles of your face by relaxing them, getting your blood circulating, and helping to tighten skin — an added benefit. You can customize a facial and tell your facialist where you feel the most tension, so extra time is spent focusing on an area of your choice. When getting a massage, your muscles are constantly manipulated and moved; loosening them will help relieve built-up tension.

Serotonin release

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which means it acts as a messenger in your body, signaling different pathways to occur. It is also commonly called the feel-good hormone because when it is present in your body, it causes you to have a better mood, promotes happiness, and decreases anxiety. Studies show an increase in serotonin in the body after getting a massage. There is a reason you feel better and more refreshed after getting a massage, and this is it. Why wouldn’t you want to be happier?

No Visual Triggers

When you get a facial, it is your time to sit back, relax and let your facialist do their job. Keeping your eyes closed is most importantly used so that you don’t get anything in your eyes, but it does have added benefits. When you get a massage, your eyes are closed, and you can sink into a deep state of calmness. Studies say that doing mindful activities with eyes closed is correlated with reducing stress and deep relaxation. You can focus on breathing or meditating as you close your eyes because you are not receiving a visual trigger.

Treating anxiety is not a one size fits all method and can be difficult to do because everyone has different triggers. Although getting a facial may not cure your anxiety, it can help alleviate some stress you may be experiencing.

Are you experiencing anxiety and interested in seeing if a facial can help you? Book an appointment today. 

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